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Design and art direction for Pussys, an Irish group producing exhibitions, talks and a magazine reflecting the changing of youth culture, sexuality and gender roles in Ireland as it shifts away from a religious state to a more open-minded one. Highlighting the underground club spaces where these ideas grow.

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PILLY WILLY: Rave Ephemera from the Irish queer underground 1970-00's.
In 2016 Pussys displayed the Irish Queer Archive’s collection of club flyers, largely from the time when being gay was still illegal. I created the exhibition branding and a range of merch influenced by the flyers.


Flyers sourced from the Irish Queer Archive. Designed by Niall Sweeney.

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Tommy Cash by Ellius Grace.

Queerboys metaltee

Pieces for 'Happy Hardcore' an exhibition exploring Irish youth, sexuality and symbolism; reimagined through a speculative future Ireland.

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Bebo fashbox promo video for issue one with the beautiful team of Hugh Mulherne, Jennifer Mehigan and Sean Pussys.

I-D mag meets Pusssys.

Oscar Torrans is an Irish graphic designer and art director based between London and Dublin. Working in close collaboration with clients operating in the cultural sector across the globe to develop thoughtful, engaging and creative work from small identities to large scale campaigns. Previous clients include Nike, MTV, Sagmeister & Walsh, Universal music and many more.


  • Nike
  • Sagmeister & Walsh
  • Night Slugs
  • Simone Rocha
  • Warehouse Projects
  • MTV
  • Mother London
  • WARP Records
  • Universal Music
  • Atlantic Records

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