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Simone Rocha x Oscar Torrans

For AW23, Simone Rocha invited six artists to interpret the house logo.

Working within their own graphic medium each artist responded to the logo itself as well as the world and aesthetic of Simone Rocha.

"To create his take on her logo, he “collected images of Irish stones and collaged them together”, drawing inspiration from ancient Irish standing stones and dolmens. “I have always been drawn to the rich history of sacred Irish stones and stone circles, as symbols of the everlasting that emanate a current of wonder from the island for thousands of years,” he explains. “I was struck by the harmony of the stones supporting each other. The duality of strength and vulnerability reminded me of Simone’s work – dominant powerful structures delicately balanced.”

Dazed interview

Oscar Torrans is an Irish graphic designer and art director based between London and Dublin. Working in close collaboration with clients operating in the cultural sector across the globe to develop thoughtful, engaging and creative work from small identities to large scale campaigns. Previous clients include Nike, MTV, Sagmeister & Walsh, Universal music and many more.


  • Nike
  • Sagmeister & Walsh
  • Night Slugs
  • Simone Rocha
  • Warehouse Projects
  • MTV
  • Mother London
  • WARP Records
  • Universal Music
  • Atlantic Records

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